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Feed The Students of Ferguson!

In the single week since Julianna launched #FeedTheStudents in partnership with the St Louis Area Foodbank, more than 4,500 supportive people from around the world have donated over $154,000 to feed the students of Ferguson.

Thank you, everyone. Without your outstanding generosity and willingness to spread the word, none of this would have been possible. With your help, the foodbank has already delivered more than 14,000 pounds of food to kids families in Ferguson.

An update from the foodbank:

“It has been amazing to see the work being done in the Ferguson community to make sure that kids and families that are in need of food assistance are getting the help they need.

We were thrilled to see that the Ferguson-Florissant school district made the decision to provide lunch for students this week.

At the Foodbank, we have been concentrating our efforts on providing food assistance to the United Way of Greater St. Louis’ Community Resource Drop-In Center at the Dellwood  Recreation Center (10266 W. Florissant Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63136).  To date, we have delivered more than 14,000 pounds of food to be distributed to kids and families affected by the unrest in Ferguson.

On Saturday, August 23 and into the early part of the next week, we are using our Foodbank trucks to pick up donations of food, personal care items, school supplies and cleaning supplies from area businesses that will be delivered directly to the Community Resource Drop-In Center. 

On Monday, August 25 we are scheduled to receive the first shipment of cereal that will be distributed among our partner agencies that serve Ferguson and the surrounding communities.

More food should be arriving later in the week.  Using the funds raised by this Fundly campaign, we will be providing more food to help ensure that students in the Ferguson/Florissant school district and their families will not have to choose between paying for food and other basic necessities as the town rebuilds and recovers.

This Fundly campaign has ended, but if you would like to contribute to the Ferguson Fund, please visit the United Way of Greater St. Louis website.

If you would like to support the St. Louis Area Foodbank’s mission of feeding hungry people throughout the bi-state region, please visit our donation pageIf you would like the donation to go specifically to our efforts in Ferguson and the surrounding areas of North St. Louis County, please put “Ferguson” in the comments section.”

Again, thank you. It’s been both humbling and an honor to update this page as the campaign progressed. Each of you has helped change the world for the better.

Donations to feed the students of Ferguson keep pouring in, and the word is getting out.

As of this post, the campaign has raised $131k from close to 4,000 incredible donors (and even more supporters), including Trey Songz and the American Federation of Teachers.

ThinkProgress posted an article this morning about our $100k campaign milestone, and people are already giving so much more!

Keep tagging #FeedTheStudents and #FeedFerguson, and don’t forget to check out ways to volunteer with the foodbank if you’re in the area!

With nearly 3,000 donors and even more supporters, #FeedTheStudents has now received more than $100,000 to go directly to the Ferguson community through the St Louis Area Foodbank.

We’ve blown past every fundraising goal set for this campaign, and the generosity keeps pouring in.

Thank you everyone for tagging #FeedFerguson and #FeedTheStudents, thank you for telling your friends and family and fans, and thank you all for all the contributions that made this possible.

Remember, if you are in the area and would like to volunteer, you can do so through the foodbank.

A heartfelt thank you to Trey Songz, who spread the word and just donated $10,000 to #FeedTheStudents, bringing the campaign up and over $95k this afternoon.

You are an amazing and generous human being, sir.

It’s amazing – donors to #FeedTheStudents have not only met the $80k goal in less than a week, but blown past it to donate over $85,000 to the students of Ferguson!

You are all incredible!

Some new articles about the campaign:

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Keep tagging #FeedTheStudents and #FeedFerguson, everyone! Spreading the word is powerful stuff.

The generosity keeps pouring in, with #FeedTheStudents now at over $75,000 for the students of Ferguson!

There have been a couple of questions on Fundly about the campaign and where the money is going, so here’s a quick recap:

Julianna, a school teacher from Raleigh, started the campaign to provide food to the students of Ferguson while their school was closed due to unrest. She coordinated with the City Council of Ferguson/Florissant (the local school district covers both towns) and the St. Louis Area Foodbank . The fundraiser is being held through Fundly – once the campaign started really taking off, the account was set up to deliver the funds directly to the foodbank so that there would not be any intermediary steps. The foodbank is coordinating volunteers and distribution, making the donations make things happen!

You can also check out our article from the 14th, which has a message from Julianna and more detailed information on how to get involved.

Thank you for asking, thank you for donating, and thank you for spreading the word!


Time has been flying since the campaign to feed the students of Ferguson was launched just last week. So far, over 2,000 generous donors from around the world have already raised over $60,000 to #FeedTheStudents! Every bit helps, and it goes right to the St. Louis Area Foodbank to get food where it needs to go.

Remember, if you want to volunteer, the foodbank has more info up on their website!

Check out more articles about #FeedTheStudents:



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Keep tagging for #FeedTheStudents and #FeedFerguson, and spread the word!

With almost 2,000 supporters, the #FeedTheStudents Fundly campaign has now raised over $50,000 to directly benefit the students of Ferguson!

Thank you so much to the donors, and the staff and volunteers at the St Louis Area Foodbank for helping make this a reality!

Remember, if you’re in the area, you can sign up to volunteer directly through the foodbank; if you’re spreading the word, keep tagging #FeedTheStudents and #FeedFerguson!

Robbie Couch of The Huffington Post has written an article about our campaign to feed the students of Ferguson!

Check out the write-up here: “Here’s How You Can Help Kids In Ferguson Who Don’t Have Food Now That School’s Closed”

The article includes some somber information about child hunger, but also highlights the outpouring of generosity from donors around the world.

Keep it up, #FeedTheStudents and #FeedFerguson! Every penny goes right to the St Louis Area Foodbank to make sure these kids get the food they need.

People always say there’s nothing more effective than word of mouth, and wow – this campaign is proof!

Since yesterday, the Feed The Students of Ferguson campaign has raised over $40,000 to go straight to the St Louis Area Foodbank for distribution, and continues to make the news.

Check out some of the articles involving #FeedTheStudents:

Buzzfeed: “Here Are Ways To Help People In Ferguson Right Now”

WNCN (Raleigh, NC): “Raleigh teacher raises thousands for children in Ferguson, MO”

The Daily Dot: “Online campaign will feed kids who are going hungry during Ferguson protests”

The Christian Science Monitor: “People unite to meet children’s needs, from food to counseling”

All funds are now set to go directly to the St Louis Area Foodbank, who are also handling all ongoing volunteers efforts to distribute the food. If you are in the area, please check their website for information on how to volunteer, and remember to tag posts with #FeedTheStudents or #FeedFerguson and include a link to the campaign!