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Feed The Students of Ferguson!

The generosity keeps pouring in, with #FeedTheStudents now at over $75,000 for the students of Ferguson!

There have been a couple of questions on Fundly about the campaign and where the money is going, so here’s a quick recap:

Julianna, a school teacher from Raleigh, started the campaign to provide food to the students of Ferguson while their school was closed due to unrest. She coordinated with the City Council of Ferguson/Florissant (the local school district covers both towns) and the St. Louis Area Foodbank . The fundraiser is being held through Fundly – once the campaign started really taking off, the account was set up to deliver the funds directly to the foodbank so that there would not be any intermediary steps. The foodbank is coordinating volunteers and distribution, making the donations make things happen!

You can also check out our article from the 14th, which has a message from Julianna and more detailed information on how to get involved.

Thank you for asking, thank you for donating, and thank you for spreading the word!